Sunday, 17 July 2016

The Chooks are Here!

I woke up like a child on Christmas morning on Saturday, the day I had arranged with  Charlottes Poultry to pick up the chooks.
They are bred on site - I had a nose around the breeding shed, where the chicks live under a lamp while they grow.

Then it is on to the big girls pen, where the Point of Lay (30 week old) hens live.

I chose five. I would love to say it was for a reason less fickle than because they looked pretty all together, but it wasn't. Although I did choose two hybrids who I am told will lay blue eggs.

We have gone for a cheap-ish henhouse from ebay, with an automatic door opener from Titan, that opens at 6.00am and closes when the light levels fall sufficiently (about 10pm at the moment). One day we may upgrade the house if we increase the size of our flock - but to be honest it is easy to clean and simple to use, so will do us fine for now.

We have gone for an electric fence of 50 square meters - a little too large and may have to be shortened one day, but while we have the space (until we build the polytunnel and dig over the veg patches) they may as well enjoy it.

So far so good.

There seems to be plenty to keep them busy in the long grass.

I did supervise bedtime with a cup of tea, but they cleverly tucked themselves in without any instruction.

No sign of any eggs yet, but there is plenty of poop - my compost heap is going to benefit.
I hope you had a great weekend.

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