Tuesday, 19 July 2016

I Built a Potting Bench

I have dreamed of a potting shed all my adult life. Of course, a potting bench is fairly fundamental to this idea. I spent the afternoon clearing all of the junk from the shed (when we moved, it was just dumped in any old way) and hanging all of the tools up to make floor space for the enormous mower. This then made enough space for a bench, and seeing as I found a piece of old wooden worktop in there...I built one!
Apologies to my Design Technology teacher at school - it is a bit of a bodge, but it will do the job nicely. It was cheap too, as I only had to buy the batons and screws, which came to about £15 all together.
I started by building a frame, screwing a baton to the wall to add some stability and bear some weight.

I squared it up by adding some cross pieces, then added the top.

It isn't beautiful, but I am thrilled. This is where I will stand in the spring with Radio 4 and a cup of tea, potting things on and generally retreating from the world, enjoying the peace and quiet.

I can hardly wait.