Monday, 4 July 2016

And So It Begins!

After two long years renting and prior to that, living in a tiny mid terrace, we have land! And this time, blissfully I finally feel that I am home, and we can make it our own.
Allotments are wonderful, and I am lucky to have had very understanding landlords happy for me to do what I like with my various rented patches. But I have dreamed of my very own smallholding for years -  I am so grateful and happy that this moment has come. Now we can plant asparagus without the risk that before it is mature enough to eat, we have to move. Or fruit bushes/trees, safe in the knowledge that we will see them fruit*.
*assuming we keep up the ginormous mortgage, that is!
So, let me show you around!
Here is the view from the upstairs window. We back on to open fields, which are beautiful and so peaceful.

The garden is 'split' into a domestic garden separated from a larger patch behind by a little brook. The latter has agricultural ties. This suits us fine, since we have absolutely agricultural intentions!

Here is the 'garden' area, with two mature apple trees, from the bridge over the brook.

So much to do, it is a little overwhelming, but I am determined to plan carefully and do things properly so that we have a well-designed and thought out space. First off, fencing for privacy and to stop the little dog from escaping across the road to play with the neighbouring Jack Russell.
So for now, we are celebrating, measuring and making delicious plans!