Friday, 15 July 2016

Five on Friday

Pleased to be joining in with Amy at Love Made My Home for 5 on Friday.

Here are 5 things that have made me happy this week:

1. Summer Rain

During Tuesday's evening run, I stumbled across a field of golden oats. The sky had suddenly darkened and the air felt dramatic. The oats still glowed from the sun behind me, but at the same time it started to rain lightly. The raindrops made the oats rustle as they fell. It was warm and peaceful and a totally blissful moment, which I savoured for a good ten minutes - just gorgeous.

2. Sourdough Starter

Since we seem to be buying bread again at weekends, I have decided to start off another sourdough starter so that we can make our own. This was just 500g plain flour and water, left open to the air for a few days and then 1/3 removed and replaced with fresh flour and water to 'feed' it every other day this week. Now, it has settled to smell vaguely beery and I will be making my first loaf this weekend.

I was particularly pleased that a friend gave me a smoothie shaker cup. I must be honest, I am yet to make a protein shake in it, but the ventilation hole and metal shaker ball within it is perfect for stirring the starter every day without the mess - something that put me off in the past.

3. Hanging Up Washing

For the first time in our new house - it was a total joy to hang up washing on the nice long line.

Unlike our last house, where we had a clothes horse in the dingy shaded courtyard,  this line is in the sun (during the day - this shot was taken early before work) and blows in the breeze. Look at the blue of that sky! I don't find hanging washing out a chore at all.

4. Pectin

The apple trees have dropped some apples early. I have it on good authority that these tiny apples are very high in pectin, which is key to setting jelly and jam. Mine are always a bit on the runny side, so I have popped these in the freezer for the autumn, when I have a feeling apple and rosemary jelly will be a feature! Good job too, as I have just used up the last of the 2014 lot.

 5. The Henhouse!

We are very excited to have our henhouse, with automatic door opener, up and running. All that remains now is for the fence to arrive and to find ourselves some inhabitants!

I hope you had a great week.

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