Thursday, 28 July 2016

Meat Box Day

I could quite easily be a vegetarian - I am not 100% sure about the morality of eating meat and even less sure that the planet can cope with a population of meat eaters.

While I figure this out,  I am a supporter of  Compassion in World Farming and  I make sure the meat I eat is as humanely raised as possible - so I get a meat box delivered every month from Riverford Organic.

I have been involved in some controversial blog debates about meat and frugality. Some feel that organic meat is a luxury that not all can afford, and that some don't have the choice but to buy factory farmed meat.

Personally, I think it is better to eat less of the good stuff - even if that is once a week - than it is to eat nasty antibiotic-riddled factory meat every day and I would happily forego meat most days to do this. We don't have money to burn now we have our huge mortgage to pay, so I am doing an experiment this month to see whether we can stay within budget and still eat good quality food.

Our meat box cost £65. I have frozen it in portions, as most packets were too big for the two of us. We now have 2 meals worth of chicken breasts; 3 of beef steaks; 3  of pork steaks; 500g beef mince; 1 lamb leg roasting joint (should be able to make 2 meals from it) and one small chicken (which should make 2 meals). So, that is 16 meals in total, making each approximately £4 - which isn't far off what we would pay in a supermarket for a meals worth of meat.

I will report back at the end of August to see how this goes.

It's been a muggy few days here. The farmer next door has been out all through the night, baling the hay in the field behind our plot with floodlights. When the sun has broken though, it has been baking hot. The smells in the air have gone from the tangy hit of fresh growth to the biscuit haze of summer proper. Although it has drizzled a little, there are huge cracks in the clay appearing if you look closely between the golden stubble.

I imagine if my plot were up and running, I would be out every night with the hose - I can't wait for those days.

On which note, I have been out measuring and staking the new beds this week, in the evenings after work. Measuring is not my strong point, but it turns out our plot is definitely NOT square. I can't wait to cut the first turf ready for a very exciting delivery due at the weekend...