Thursday, 7 July 2016

I can Breathe Again

It's been a blissful few days re-acquainting myself with the Wiltshire countryside.

Silly really, as we are only a little bit further into the countryside here, but instead of being on a main road, we are nestled deep into the quiet country lanes. Already, thanks to some space to sit in the garden, we are spending more time outdoors, and I can feel myself breathe again.

As I type this and make garden plans on our outside table at dusk, there is a peachy glow in the sky which is turning the cereal crop in the field we back on to, a blush colour.

Two pigeons are fluttering loudly, competing for a comfortable night-time branch to brood on in the huge willow tree that overhangs our plot. There is the odd moo from far away and if I concentrate, I 'zone in' to the low shwoosh of the M4 in the distance. Not particularly idyllic admittedly, but it is one of those sounds that is constant and gentle and so almost comforting. In any event, it is a case of accepting the things you can't change and 'zoning out'.

Even the smells of outside are better than I remember - the smell of creosote on treated wood and the tangy pear-drop smell of cut meadow grass drying out. I went for a run last night, home from work via the back lanes.  I was suddenly smacked with the sweet smell of furniture polish - odd - then it occurred to me that what was tickling my nostrils was in fact the flowers on the grassy verges. What furniture polish tries to emulate! And how amazing to be running again. I loved it and yet again, wondered why I left it so long.

Earlier I took the little dog across the beautiful meadows in the village which are maintained by the National trust - so many things to look at. Wiltshire at midsummer is a magical place to be.

I am feeling a bit woozy from it all.