Monday, 11 July 2016


Dreaming about my veggie patch has led me to crave seasonal food lately and I have been shopping in the farm shop a lot.

One day (next year, all going to plan) I will have two juicy gooseberry bushes in my patch, and I will be chowing down on gooseberry compote and thick, silky natural yoghurt (none of that low fat stuff for me!) for breakfast all through July.

Until then, admittedly I am limited to buying my gooseberries. They are grown in the neighbouring village and they are all fat, hairy and gorgeous.

As luck would have it there were also some pretty amazing looking pork chops at the farm shop, and gooseberry and pork are good companions. So I turned to Nigel Slater for inspiration and made this Pork, Gooseberry Mint and Juniper relish recipe.

Striking in the pan and was a little bit different - really nice to have a tangy hit from the gooseberries with the smooth fatty taste of the pork - highly recommend.

We ate it with herby potatoes (also grown down the road) and runner beans.

There then followed an evening of swearing and grunting as we put together the henhouse in the living room, away from the torrential but warm summer rain outside.

All being well it will be occupied by the weekend!