Tuesday, 8 November 2016

First Frost

Last night saw the first frost here in Wiltshire. Unfortunately this spelled the end for my flat leaf parsley and remaining chives, which didn't make it to the greenhouse in time.

However I can live with this because this morning on my early dog walk,  the landscape was transformed into a glistening, sparkling scene straight from a Christmas card.

It isn't pleasant getting up in the cold, but once I was wrapped up warm and walking briskly I really enjoyed being out in the fresh, crisp air.

Hopefully a sign that a 'proper' winter is on the way

and hopefully enough of a chill to kill off some overwintering pests.

I vowed that in time for next winter, I will create plenty of overwintering spots for beneficial predators in my garden and I will leave plenty of old seed heads as sources of food for the tough little birds that see the winter through.

In the same way that nature does automatically.