Friday, 23 September 2016

September and Coming Back to Earth

Well what a September it has been. We got married!


It has been a whirlwind of doing flowers, getting stationary printed, dress alterations (mostly letting out!)…and then the day hit. It was wonderful and everything we wanted it to be. It was followed by a glorious honeymoon in Sardinia, where we were so knackered from the wedding week that we slept, ate and relaxed and nothing much else – perfect.
I have to say though, I am glad it is over! Walking the dog over the fields this morning was an absolute simple bliss in the last of the summer sunshine. We have eaten rich food, drunk a lot of nice wine, stayed in luxury hotel and treated ourselves to lots of nice things, but it doesn't feel real somehow!

Since we got back last Monday it has been a frantic week of mandatory social and work events, so we haven’t been at home much.  I am really looking forward to getting our home in order (after the chaos and various guests staying for the wedding it is in a total state!), eating some simple, healthy home cooked food and being a recluse for a while.

Although the wedding was glorious, it was expensive, coupled with moving house the same summer – we must have been mad. What is now needed is a period of quiet living and financial retreat. No matter how we tried to control costs, they escalated towards the end, overspending our wedding fund and leaving us with hefty credit card bills to repay. 

That’s OK though – we are entering my absolute favourite season, there is plenty to get on with in the garden that doesn’t cost money and now that the stress of fitting into a wedding dress has gone, I am looking forward to re-building my relationship with healthy food and exercise again. I also can’t wait for the dark nights, cuddling up on the sofa watching good TV and making gardening plans, and not feeling guilty about not going out.

This weekend is forecast to be sunny on Saturday and then wet and miserable on Sunday. I couldn’t be more pleased - a day of digging the veggie patch and trench for our edible hedge (more later) on Saturday followed by a day inside finishing my quilt, cleaning and tidying the house and catching up with Poldark. Sounds dull but I am definitely up for some Domestic bliss!