Monday, 1 August 2016

Join Me For a Summer Evening Run

The seasons move so quickly that I am determined to make sure I soak it all up while I can. I went for a short run this evening in the lanes where we live, once it had cooled down enough to be comfortable.

This was 7.30pm - the light was so beautiful and the shadows really deep. I prefer off-road running - it's much cooler and the varied terrain is just more interesting.

I did a bit of a tour of the hedgerows looking for some promising foraging finds. Apart from sloes and blackberries, there wasn't a lot to be had. I need some damsons for chutney - the search continues.

Someone else was on the look out for forage too...

I recon the blackberries are a month away yet.

Just beautiful soaking up all that green.

It hasn't rained for a long time, and the earth is parched where the cows have been.

I was pleased that apart from the cost of the manure, I didn't spend a penny, yet it was a wonderful weekend in the late summer sun.